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This site is all about learning languages with the same commitment and devotion monks have while on their path to enlightenment. But, as monks never stop learning once they become masters, neither should you.

The words monk and devotion might scare you because you associate them with hours of intense practice, and this might be true, this does not mean, however, that having a fun time is out of the picture. It just means that the journey we are about to embark on won’t be an easy one, but it will be worth it.

The Language Monk will show you counterintuitive and most of the time, hard ways to learn a language that add up tremendous value and produce solid results at the end.

Ok, but who am I? Well, the short answer is: I am a non-native ESL teacher, my first language is Spanish, and I live and work in France. (Yes, I only speak two other languages. 🙂 )

Wait a minute, why don’t you just teach your native language, that’d be easier for you right? ( If only I had a fraction of a cent every time someone asks me this question…;) )

Maybe, but had I taken the easier route I wouldn’t be where I am right now, and this site wouldn’t have seen the light of day…

In fact, this decision alone has made it more difficult for me, because I operate, work-wise, in two foreign languages; It taught me, however, a lot about learning languages.

I am by no means an expert or a master, but I believe that what I’ve learned through my journey with languages can help those of you willing to go the hard route, and I hope to further and share the knowledge that you and I will create along this new journey together.

Remember, sometimes doing the hard things is an easy way to get solid and lasting results.


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P.S.: I didn’t forget, the long answer will be the heart and soul of the site!